Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celiac biopsy negative, bloodwork positive

So I had the endoscopy and colonoscopy performed last week, and got the results back this morning- all is normal.

Given that the previous blood-tests were strongly positive, I asked the doctor whether she thought this ruled out Celiac or not. She replied that she honestly didn't know. Her recommendation was to get the genetic Celiac test; if that comes back negative, we can rule out Celiac. If it comes back positive for the gene, and if I respond (improve) on a gluten-free diet, then we can say that I have Celiac, or at the least a gluten-sensitivity.

This was a pretty disappointing outcome, as I was really hoping to confirm a Celiac diagnosis and finally have an answer after 18 years. I've been gluten-free since my procedure (9 days now). I've been following the diet religiously. While I did notice a small improvement in fatigue, it's not the dramatic change I noticed when I went gluten-free last month.

I asked the doctor what would be a typical improvement time for a Celiac patient, and she said it would take weeks or months, not days. So perhaps I need to be a little more patient. Especially considering how much wheat I consumed in the 3-week gluten challenge prior to the endoscopy.

Still, not the results I was hoping for.